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James CromwellActor James Cromwell, who was the voice of Farmer Hoggett in Babe has been raising his own voice in support of farm animals through Farm Sanctuary Says James, "If any kid ever realized what was involved in factory farming they would never touch meat again (EAAS says AMEN!) I was so moved by the intelligence, sense of fun and personalities of the animals I worked with on Babe that by the end of the film I was a vegetarian." Paul McCartney, Moby, Noah Wylie, Kim Basinger, Linda Blair, Daryl Hannah, Alicia Silverstone, Persia White, Mary Tyler Moore and Casey Affleck are other famous vegetarians working with Farm Sanctuary.


In January, 2004 Ellen DeGeneres was awarded the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) Founder's Award for her lifelong dedication to the promotion of kindness and compassion towards animals. "Ms. DeGeneres regularly promotes pet adoption on her weekly talk show The Ellen DeGeneres Show and made special pleas during the California wildfires for the rescue of pets that were affected by the tragedy," said Edwin J. Sayres, ASPCA President. Ellen also supports Kitten Rescue, Pet Orphans and The Amanda Foundation.


Pierce Brosnan has launched a personal and compassionate appeal to save the world's great whales, and has partnered with one of the world's leading conservation organizations, the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) to do so. "Pierce's personal commitment to protecting whales is inspiring to all of us," said IFAW President Fred O'Regan. "This is a critical time for whales worldwide. Whale hunting is on the verge of becoming an international industry. It must be stopped, and the time is now. We know that Pierce's personal call to action will lead the way for an unstoppable global campaign against whaling."

Pierce Brosnan starred in the movie Grey Owl. His role was a trapper Englishman who led people to believe he was a real Indian but his character was actually adopted by an Indian Chief. In this romantic story Pierce falls in love with a young Indian woman. They eventually get employed in a national park after the young couple adopts a pair of baby beavers. Peirce becomes a statesman, traveling all around the world as an advocate to save the beaver and the environment. A reporter investigating Pierce's character discovers that he is not really Indian and so Pierce publicly reveals his identity. Please see this heart felt movie.


Paul Mc Cartney

Paul & Linda

Paul went Vegetarian over 21 years ago. He has been a strong supporter of P.E.T.A. and feels one of the ways to stop animal cruelty and help save our planet is to go Vegetarian or even Vegan.
When asked if his commitment to animals has strengthened over the years, he replies, "That's right. I have no regrets. I don't miss any meat dishes whatsoever. I do miss the smell of bacon, but I wouldn't touch it because I know where it comes from. When I see bacon, I see a pig, I see a little friend, and that's why I can't eat it. Simple as that. But I'll eat Linda's veggie bacon. All her food was so good. Steve Martin came around for a barbecue once. I was grilling, and he said, 'Oh, no, I can't have any of that.' I asked why not, and he said, 'Sorry, I'm vegetarian.' I said, 'You didn't know we are?! Everything on the grill is veggie!' He said, 'Ahhh' and ate three veggie burgers and then asked where he could buy them."

Linda had a decade-long association with PETA, begun when she learned of the PETA-sponsored Rock Against Fur benefit concert organized in New York in 1988. In the ensuing years, the McCartneys were involved in a number of events to protect animals rights, including campaigns to prevent Gillette from testing products on animals and banning fur prizes on Wheel of Fortune. Paul is asking fans to donate to charities and research groups that do not indulge in animal testing, or, in what he calls "the best tribute," go veggie. This is Paul with his doggie friend MarthaPaul with pup Martha For sure, Paul would rescue any animal he knew was facing slaughter.

McCartney with farm animals

End the shame of animal suffering
Protect the planet
Stop the killing
"Going veggie saves animals and people, protects the environment and is one of the healthiest things you can do!"
Paul McCartney

paul feeding a lamb a bottle

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